Refunds Policy

Returning of the purchased product

If for any reason the client specifies another product from the one that wanted to order and till sending the order itself did not realized the error should call the offices of IKS Telecom LLC to advise how to proceed with the delivery. Each case is considered individually. The costs of returning the product and sending are paid by the customer. If the new order is more expensive the customer have to pay extra difference.

In case the customer wants to return the product that he bought, he can use the right within 7 working days from the date of sale. Mandatory requirement is purchased products to be in origanla packaging, not damaged and not used. The product can be returned to the Iks Telecom through a post. Once returned product will be checked by staff in Iks Telecom, the value paid for the product without the transportation costs are returned to the client - personally or to the bank account of the client. Every customer can use the right his product to be replaced by another product of choice.

Transport costs shall be covered by the client and they are not refundable.

Cancellation of order

The client has the right to cancel the order product at one of these conditions:

  • Delivered product is not the ordered product and this can be checked by simple inspection.
  • The price which the client was willing to pay does not correspond to the price he is owed.
  • In inadequacy of the purchased product and the delivered product, which has not been possible to be recognized at the time of delivery, the customer may require the supplied product to be replaced with the product he ordered within 24 hours of receiving the shipment.
  • The customer has the right, without paying compensation, to cancel the received product within 7 working days of receipt of the shipment. In that case the customer must return the product in its original packaging, with integrity intact and unused. In these conditions are not fulfilled Iks Telecom reserves the right to not receiving the returned product and accordingly does not pay expenses for purchase by the customer.
  • In case of cancellation of already ordered product and meeting the requirements for completeness of product Iks Telekom returns the sum of the value of the product. All costs that the customer has made in getting the product and its return are on his account.
  • If a third party undertakes to receive and verify the product ordered by the customer, from the customer who made and paid for the order, the third party has no right to return the product. In case of visible damage to the shipment at the time of its delivery, the third party may cancel the shipment or to take on its responsibility. In case he accept such a consignment and not stated its intentions for a shipment before the supplier, the customer forfeits any claim.